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Make a career in Agriculture

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Agricultural properties & land

Agricultural properties & land

Which land to choose for its agricultural activities?

To get started in this field, you have to start by choosing the right terrain. Find a sufficient location to carry out your project.

Agricultural equipment and materials

Agricultural equipment and materials

What equipment is required?

Agricultural machinery and equipment must be complete. Among the most indispensable are the tractor, the agricultural trailer and the ploughman.

Seeds, fertilizers and pesticides

Seeds, fertilizers and pesticides

The usefulness of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides

Seeds and chemical fertilizers are indispensable for every farmer. Conventional pesticides are used to kill insects.

Setting up a farm

Setting up a farm: how to make a successful business plan?

The right methods to succeed in your farming project

Some practical advice

To become a farmer, you have to know the right techniques. In fact, according to experts in the field of agriculture, it is essential to have your own business plan. First of all, it is useful to carry out a study of the agricultural market: competition, activity, and products. By knowing the field in detail, it is easier for you to make it your passion and your job at the same time. Then, you have to choose the right farm: farm with livestock or mixed farm. The choice depends on your objective, but it is also necessary to take into account the location as well as the climate. Professional equipment and agricultural tools are also a pillar of your success as a farmer, you can visit AGRICULTURAL DIRECTORY for more about farming equipment.  And finally, there is the legal status.

Organic Farmers: Converting to Organic mode?

Organic farming: What you need to know

Going organic

Composts heap

Composts heap

Natural fertilizers

Natural fertilizers

Organic farming

Why a green and supportive profession!

Because the environment is becoming more and more degraded, a new generation of eco-farmers has emerged! The key to reducing impacts is to reduce the production of industrial products. The green profession is the ideal solution. It consists in protecting the environment.


Methods that follow the new technology

These ideas that reinvent agriculture

Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture: what is it?

With SMART Agriculture, with the right tools and the best methods, the economics of farming is growing strongly. It is also about protecting the environment. Check BURY AGRICULTURAL if you are interested in learning more about farming and agriculture.

Urban agriculture

What you need to know about urban agriculture

With urban agriculture, you can produce vegetables and fruit while saving space.

Agricultural UAVs

What are agricultural drones used for?

Agricultural UAVs help you to film and visually inspect your land for pests. They make your daily work easier.