The unloader is an agricultural machine that allows you to straw a surface and feed your animals quickly. In general, silage is stored in different forms of mulch and contained in silos. While a silage harvester will harvest the silage prior to storage, silage feeders are used later, or in the case of a silage unloader that is used for feeding, to distribute and empty the feed to the animals, or to create bedding.

The main types of silage unloaders

In order to choose the right silage extractor, it is necessary to know the different types of silage extractors that exist. The first type is the block silage unloaders, which are often carried by a tractor. They come in a parallelepiped shape and carry a fixed quantity of feed, preventing the appearance of mould and leaving a wall of silage. A fork digs into the silage to retrieve it and cut it with a saw. Some of these devices can be used to distribute small quantities. Claw silage unloaders are the second type of silage unloader. They offer several possibilities for picking through more or less neat silage fronts. The whole machine is towed by an agricultural machine. The claw makes it possible to overcome the bucket at the rear and take up the silage by forcing it into this bucket. The distribution is done through a trap door that is often installed on the side. The last type of silage unloader is the rotary tiller, a large tiller installed horizontally at the rear end of a silage handling machine.

Context and needs analysis

First of all, the needs will not all be the same but depend on the size of the farm and the investment will be appropriate for the methods to be used, many criteria such as the number of animals to be fed and the length of the tour. The investment in silage silage unloaders mIt is advisable to use the railcar silo unloader for large farms.

Options and parts for a silage unloader

Silage unloaders can also be straw blowers, bale unscramblers, mixers, unrollers, self-propelled, etc. There are therefore many options at the time of purchase. The use of these options varies considerably depending on the operation. The mixer silage unloader can be used to mix concentrates and silage or different types of silage, while the straw unloader can often be used to feed and bed the animals. Depending on your needs, you should think about choosing a silage silage feeder that is capable of travelling at 40 km/h on all roads and lanes on your farm.