Nowadays, there are several organic products of different brands on the market, used to protect and develop agriculture, soils and fields. For the expansion of these products, it is necessary to get the right equipment for each product. A wide range of equipment is available for any farm. There are different types of spreading according to each organic product. In this article, we will talk about spreading, the different types of spreaders and the advantages of spreading.

Spreading: Definition

Spreading is the action of applying organic products such as fertilizers, pesticides, soil improvers, and herbicides to agricultural soils or fields. The role of these products is to fertilize the fields and disperse the treated water in the soil. To set up a spreading system, the soil must be highly permeable in order to infiltrate and disperse water. This requires the use of specific equipment or a spreader. The spreader is used to disperse products, fertilizers or seeds so that they are uniformly distributed over the fields. It is a durable device with several capacities according to your needs.

The different types of spreaders

Numerous pieces of equipment are on sale to perfect the regular and precise spreading of various organic products. There are several models of equipment that are very effective in achieving very good results. The choice of spreading must then be adapted to each type of organic product. Each model of spreader is specific and has its own advantages. For spreaders of powdered or granulated organic products, you have the belt spreader with limited spreading capacity and which is specialized designed for maintenance crops. There is also the pendulum spreader which requires little maintenance and little power. This one is especially suitable for granules. There is the lime spreader, which is specialised for powdery products. There is also the centrifugal spreader, which can be controlled because it is very practical. Finally, there is the machine mounted spreader, which is very imposing, because it has to be attached to an agricultural machine, but the result is remarkable.

Advantages of spreading equipment

With good agricultural products and the right equipment, there are many advantages to a spreader farm. Spreading is done quickly and efficiently with a regular supply. The cost of the spreader as well as its consumption is low. The spreading equipment or material is easy to use, but above all it is easily adapted to all types of terrain. It requires very little maintenance and has a very long service life. The most important thing is that you can spend more time on the essentials, because the spreader will take care of the work. It is therefore the best solution for saving time in absolute efficiency.