Sometimes governments sometimes consider farms to be exceptional businesses. Why is this? Well, for the simple reason that these farms make a significant contribution to the country's economy. But what are the steps involved in passing on my farm, you may ask?

Passing on your farm to your family

In order to answer the question "how do I transfer my farm? "the first thing to do is to know the person you want to give it to. Be aware that the transferor has three (03) main options in this case. The transferor can choose to just lease his farm to a third party, depending on the lease he wants to propose. For this option, he remains the owner of the property. On the other hand, if you wish to transfer your farm to someone in your family, you can make a simple donation, a spousal donation or a shared donation. And if you decide to transfer your property outside the family, be sure to be well accompanied in your steps.

Preparing for the transfer of your farm

Before any project, you also need to be able to answer the question: "How can I properly prepare for the transfer of my farm? ». Indeed, the transfer of your farm is a project that requires a lot of research and preparation. There are steps that must be followed very carefully. You can prepare your project during the five (05) years prior to your retirement and in the three (03) years preceding, you must submit your Declaration of Intent to Termination of Activity or DICCA to the Chamber of Agriculture on which you depend, of course. You must also find the ideal buyer. You can find all the necessary information from an advisor or an expert in the transfer.

And where exactly can you find help?

With regard to the problem of "who can help me with the transfer of my farm? "the ideal solution would be to register on the Répertoire Départ Installation or (RDI). Indeed, this register has been set up in particular so that transferors can get in touch with candidates for installation. The Répertoire Départ Installation (RDI) can help the transferor to broadcast announcements, but the platform can also provide support throughout the transmission process. In addition, the Safer in your region can also help you with your project. It can, among other things, set the sale price, broadcast an advertisement as RDI does and examine applications with you. However, you should also know that you can take the necessary steps on your own.